Women's Department


The women ministry is coined ‘Wisdom for women’ with the goal of helping the women in the community get involved holistically. This is to bring fruitfulness and fulfillment in the lives of the women. This ministry is under the general supervision of the founder pastor Vivian Ebua. Because we believe that the fulfilled woman is one that is healthy spiritually, emotionally, financially and psychologically, the following are strategies that will be implemented to bring this vision to reality:

  1. Spiritually, wisdom for women will organize monthly fasting and prayer retreats, evangelism, seminars and a yearly congress to boost the women’s spiritual growth and health.
  2. Emotionally, there will be daily counselling and assistance for women with special emotional needs, and relaxation and fun programs will be organized to help women out of their challenges.
  3. Financially, wisdom for women will undertake projects which will serve as employment for some women and assist others to start up their own businesses. Projects will include:
    • A centre to train women in housekeeping, catering, hair dressing, decoration, jewellery making, sewing and embroidery etc. The centre will equally render services to the general public which will be a financial source for its maintenance. 
    • Poultry, goat, piggery and crop farming will be carried out and stores for the sale of these produces will be opened all over to serve as employment to some women and be a financial source to the ministry. 
  4. Psychologically, wisdom for women will organize a by yearly practical seminar in the wisdom school to help women: 
    • Discover their divine nature and potentials, their importance, uniqueness and build up their self-esteem and confidence. Women will equally demonstrate their talents and gifting during these times.

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2021 Annual Convention


En raison du Covid, nous devons contrôler le nombre de personnes qui seront présentes à la convention chaque jour sachant que nous devons respecter les mesures barrières. Nous recommandons à tous ceux qui veulent y assister de s’inscrire. Veuillez suivre le lien ci-dessous afin de vous inscrire à la convention.

Due to Covid, we have to control the number of people that will be present at the convention everyday knowing that we have to respect barrier measures. We recommend all those who want to attend to register. Please kindly follow the link below in order to register for the convention.