The Church of God is the pillar and support of truth, the channel through which God wants to reveal his thoughts and manifest his works to each generation. This mission will be carried out if the Church builds an audible and heard voice within the community, this condition itself can only be achieved if the people of God have built credibility and legitimacy in society. . The need is therefore great at this time; it is more than urgent that the church should create an elite capable of giving a real impulse to the spiritual, social, economic and institutional development of the nation.

The vision to build a city with solid Christian foundations by creating several centers that will help men and women who take refuge there to benefit from goods and services in the academic and health fields … The different structures are:

Visiocare is made up of two words: Visio (which speaks of vision) + Care (to take care)

VisioCare Academy

supports pupils and students to succeed in their studies and their socio-professional integration.

VisioCare Medicals

Provide all members with medical care. Helping the needy and destitute in the educational and medical fields.

VisioCare Lodging

Building a care home to take care of the seniors; because old age must no longer be a burden but it must be celebrated and the elderly must feel loved and cherished by the quality of care they get

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2021 Annual Convention


En raison du Covid, nous devons contrôler le nombre de personnes qui seront présentes à la convention chaque jour sachant que nous devons respecter les mesures barrières. Nous recommandons à tous ceux qui veulent y assister de s’inscrire. Veuillez suivre le lien ci-dessous afin de vous inscrire à la convention.

Due to Covid, we have to control the number of people that will be present at the convention everyday knowing that we have to respect barrier measures. We recommend all those who want to attend to register. Please kindly follow the link below in order to register for the convention.