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Welcome to the JESUS CITY MISSION (JCM) Sports Forum.

1 Timothy 4,8 says that Attachment to THE ETERNAL GOD is useful for everything, physical exercise is also useful even if it is for little. Thus, as the Rev Jérôme EBUA our visionary repeated to us, during the last convention in his multiple interventions, he wants Christians in good spiritual and also physical health. he is committed to getting involved in sports and a little more in football.

JCM promotes, and supports the development of physical exercise, which is the most powerful medicine for our physical health above all else. “How sweet and pleasant for the brothers to stay together. »Psalm 133,1

Definition of Objectives and Expectations


At the JCM, we practice sport in the form of group games in order to keep the shape and beauty of the body while improving our muscular strength. These exercises allow in addition to physical education, an education of the mind by bringing moral rest in the gain of lost souls for the account of the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, it is necessary:

  • Train every Saturday morning.
  • Participate and win the mini tournament of the annual convention.
  • Participate in the regional holiday championship.
  • Proclaim the good news of the Gospel of JESUS ​​CHRIST to non-believers who are members of competing teams through sports activities (football).
  • Make calls to give your life to JESUS ​​CHRIST, to the invited footballers participating in our activities closing worships.
  • Take sport walks to evangelize in the arteries of the city.
  • Live and share the FUN in JESUS, before, during and after sports activities.


  • Guests from the diaspora
  • Invited teams
  • JCM Team
  • Sports Christians
  • Team Supporters
  • Occasional Public
  • Medical team
  • Referee body
  • Townspeople
  • Christians of all JCM congregations

Operation Strategy

  • Reservation and allocation of the stadium for the matches.
  • Reservation and installation of tarpaulins and chairs for the mini tournament.
  • Transport and logistics (refreshing and sound) on site.
  • Distribution of flyers during sports walking and during sports events.
  • Solemn invitation of the teams to the Sunday worship service to listen to the word of GOD.
  • Delivery of rewards and bonuses during the closing worship service.
  • Care of the injured.

Sports Venues and Equipment

  • Arteries of the city
  • JCM “City of palm trees”
  • City of Palm Stadium
  • Castle stadium
  • Red jersey throw
  • Soccer ball
  • First aid items (sterile gloves, tape roll, Velpeau strips, bottles of alcohol, diclomed, syringes, Betadine, deep balms)


  • Winner of the mini tournament 2018
  • Winner of the fiftieth anniversary cup 2019

Management Members

  • Mr Beleng Anogono Zéphirin
  • Mr Nounemi
  • Tchapda jephthe
  • Mr Ndjebayi Manfred
  • Mr Ndig ndjob Ignace Valery

Picture Presentation

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2021 Annual Convention


En raison du Covid, nous devons contrôler le nombre de personnes qui seront présentes à la convention chaque jour sachant que nous devons respecter les mesures barrières. Nous recommandons à tous ceux qui veulent y assister de s’inscrire. Veuillez suivre le lien ci-dessous afin de vous inscrire à la convention.

Due to Covid, we have to control the number of people that will be present at the convention everyday knowing that we have to respect barrier measures. We recommend all those who want to attend to register. Please kindly follow the link below in order to register for the convention.