Apostle John extols the church to practice hospitality.
(3 John 1:5-8).

We see from Scripture that there is a biblical pattern of intimacy, fellowship, support, and love surrounding the concept of sharing a meal with one another. So when someone in the first century church shared a meal or took someone into their home, they weren’t just offering a helping hand but they were sharing life. It was very personal and displayed to the watching world that they affirmed the teachings of the individual that they were taking into their home.

Biblical hospitality is a character trait that should characterize every believer in Christ.

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2021 Annual Convention


En raison du Covid, nous devons contrôler le nombre de personnes qui seront présentes à la convention chaque jour sachant que nous devons respecter les mesures barrières. Nous recommandons à tous ceux qui veulent y assister de s’inscrire. Veuillez suivre le lien ci-dessous afin de vous inscrire à la convention.

Due to Covid, we have to control the number of people that will be present at the convention everyday knowing that we have to respect barrier measures. We recommend all those who want to attend to register. Please kindly follow the link below in order to register for the convention.